Thursday, May 16, 2024

GAS Featured Poet: Lily Swarn

 International Beat Poet Laureate India 2023 -2024 and Caesar Vallejo award for literary excellence by  UHE, Lily Swarn, internationally acclaimed, multilingual poet, author, columnist, gold medalist, university colour holder, radio show host, Peace and Humanity Ambassador, writes different genres. History On My Plate won her the Best Author Award. Rippling Moonbeams got Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi award for Best Book of the year. The Divine Dialect of Flowers is nominated for the Panorama Golden Book Award.

She has over 70 international and national awards .

Lily’s poetry has been translated into 21 languages. She has authored eight  books, including A Trellis of Ecstasy, Lilies of the Valley, The Gypsy Trail, Yeh Na Thi Hamaari Qismat, A Passionate Affair with Trees, The Divine Dialect of Flowers .

Lily’s work has been published in numerous anthologies as well as   European and international  magazines. She is often invited to participate in global conferences.


Sometimes the light has to struggle to emerge from the tangled web of darkness 

Sometimes your aura pushes its way through the claustrophobic queue of tear streaked orphans 

Sometimes I light the rusted lantern of kerosene smelling life 

Sometimes the sunny dandelion has to force its way out from the crack in the sidewalk 

Sometimes the ice cold air from the  upper Himalayas decides to turn benevolent 

Sometimes I know you are around by the way the moon beckons me with hushed gestures 

Primal Me

Uncoil the primal me 

and emerge 

The superior me 

Unshackled by primal fears 

Unadorned by man made hopes 

Mechanical  love swung out of 

Concrete buildings on tarred roads 

Primal pain moaned and yelped 

Screamed and yelled 


Primal me 

unashamed of my body 

Its voluptuous contours 

Its raging needs 

Its anguished hormones 

Striding like Venus incarnate 

Encompassing love and desire 

In one fertile leap of prosperity 

Primal anger unfurling high on

The mountains of want 

Released from hollow corners 

In simmering waters 

Unleashing the river of life 

To meander at will to its Creator 

Primal sounds beckoning me 

Loud like the beats of the Nagaada 

That called the troops to war 

Reddening the blood in my stream 

Crimson mouthfuls sucking out 

The violet venom corroding my insides

Primal like the roots  of the Banyan tree 

Fondling  the earth reverentially 

Emerging stronger with its humility 

Lustily uttering the name that hovers 

Shakily just beneath my plump lips 

Shorn of artifice 

Bereft of guile 

Primal me in my holy sunshine 

Naked emotion hanging to dry 

On virgin beaches in ethereal skies 

Shaken , buzzed , hissed , hummed 

The primal sound whistled in the 


Beyond gender it's cosmic energy 

Going around the earth and reaching me 

Loud and clear for whatever is released will come back to me 

Primal throbbing pulsating me 

Primal me 

Spinning On Hate 

The world seems to be falling apart 

Spinning deliriously on hate and bigotry 

The centre explodes with the piercing pain of shrapnel 

Frightened earth darkened with congealed blood 

Of a million corpses flung around by mindless war 

Grief oozes out of shameful clouds watching from above 

Vacant eyed orphans search for dead parents 

In alien refugee camps with strange faces 

Smoke spirals choke kindness and love 

Sinister viruses sap out the life force 

As a beseeching universe gets trampled 

With more intruding satellites 

Snooping into homes and hearts 

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