Thursday, May 30, 2024

GAS Featured Poet: Hiram Larew

 Hiram Larew's poetry appears in Poetry South, West Trade Review, Iowa Review, Poetry Scotland's Gallus and Contemporary American Voices.  His most recent collection, Patchy Ways, was issued by CyberWit Press in 2024.  As Founder of Poetry X Hunger, he brings a world of poets to the anti-hunger cause. and

Every Minute


I love each no little thing –

The vast skies that a wink becomes

The crowds that any whisper turns into

The creek rising from mere drips

Such no little things

Even pants buttons and what they do

Or roadside weeds becoming anthems 

Or this tiny splinter that festered

I love them every minute

For my own sake


  1. Hiram knows what matters, what the sacred lurks within.

  2. Yes, this strikes a chord. I like the idea of taking an expression we know well but never really think about, like "no little thing" or "no small thing," and allowing it its moment in the spotlight.