Thursday, March 28, 2024

GAS Featured Poet: Jane Downing

 Australian poet Jane Downing’s work has appeared in journals at home and internationally, including MeanjinCordite, Canberra Times, Rabbit, Not Very Quiet, Social Alternatives, Otoliths, Live Encounterse.ratio, Last Stanza, and Best Australian Poems. Her collection, ‘When Figs Fly’ (Close-Up Books) was published in 2019. She can be found at

Dashed Hopes

The blowflies are talking to me

from the window sill

sounding like a radio 

                        badly tuned –

words fuzzed beyond meaning

resorting to a morse code

of short headlong chops

against the glass pane

                       the long dashes

my answering cracks

against the brick wall of the day

A Song That Never Ends

When you are Bambi’s mother

you know your death

is necessary

for the plot

which does not stop

you planning your revenge

             turning your doe eyes

on the audience

for a subliminal second

brimming with remember me

to every little girl


growing up to be a mother

may not yet acquiesce

to the tropes of the narrative arc



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